Install a Generator for Your Property in Austin or Anywhere in the State of Texas

Our generators tie into either your natural gas line, or can run on propane. You can use them during emergencies or power outages to minimize downtime. If you’re interested in getting one, reach out to our High Plains Solar team!

We’re a solar energy company with over 15 years of experience serving homeowners and businesses in and near Austin, TX. Our team works with Generac generators, so you can rest assured that a piece of cutting-edge equipment will back you up. Keep your appliances and electronics running at all times!


We’re the Local Choice for Generator Installations

Equipment Made to Last

If your company provides an essential service or you work from home, you can’t afford to lose power. Luckily, our technicians have a reliable solution for you! A home or business generator installation allows you to prevent damage and costly repairs. This is because your generator will kick in automatically if power drops. You won’t even notice.

Have a Backup Energy Source

A User-Friendly System

Generators come in different sizes and figuring out which one you need the best can be confusing. Worry less and let our High Plains Solar assist you. You can schedule a virtual or in-person consultation in or near Austin, TX by calling us today at (512) 893-1665. Make sure to ask for our financing options available!

Our Full Range of Services

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Home Solar Installations

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Generator Installation Services

We can program your system to turn on as soon as the power goes out.

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Backup Battery Systems

Take control of your energy with whole-home backup.

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Commercial Solar Services

Minimize downtime and increase saving with our professional assistance.

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